I was editing today’s memoir excerpt when I realized I left out a major point.

I should have mentioned in my About section that I am not posting the entire memoir on this blog. If the whole thing is available for free on the web, what would be the motivation for the agent and/or publisher to pick it up?

I am leaving out chapters/chunks that are necessary to the story but don’t take away from understanding it.

I have failed. :/

I inadvertently left out a BIG detail. Before I the next blog post (tomorrow) I need to clarify something.

Ruth is planning to place Paige for adoption. This happens in one of the parts I left out. You need to know this to understand part 4 of All Stitched Up and Nowhere to Go.


Please post comments or questions if anything isn’t clear, or if you just want to tell the blog world that you love my story. 🙂


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