Chapter 7

Chapter 7 – Going Nowhere Fast (part 4)

Having both Ruth’s and Carole’s blessings means I can move onto the next requirement; the legalities of adopting Paige.

I call our social worker, Gary. “Contact the county social worker assigned to Paige’s case,” he advises. “Ask about getting Paige transferred into your care. The current foster family has the choice to adopt her first.”

A sinking feeling comes over me, a recurring dream where elevator cables break and I plunge to my death. But I can’t wake up from this broken elevator.

Crap, I never thought about that. 


Desperate, I ask, “Who in their right mind would foster an infant without intending to adopt!?” Gary laughs.

Carole is legally Payton’s foster parent, so I assume she has the information. I call her next.

“Do you have the contact information for Paige’s social worker?” I don’t tell her about my conversation with Gary; I don’t want to dash her hopes.

Carole rummages through some papers and then gives me the name and telephone number of the girls’ social worker. “I think the girls’ case was reassigned to someone new so this may not be their current social worker,” she warns me, after passing on the information.


Fingers crossed, I call the number in my sweaty hand. Carole’s right; the girls’ have been assigned a new worker… in the Family Reunification Department. “That doesn’t sound good,” I grumble to the wall.

The following day I tell Carole that the girls’ case is sitting in transitional bureaucracy. “Let me give you the name and number of their court-appointed lawyer,”Carole says. “Maybe he can answer some questions.” She sounds as desperate as I feel.

Days pass and my messages go unanswered. The case sits in County CPS limbo, and my stomach sits in knots while the case continues to go nowhere fast.


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