Chapter 8

Chapter 8 – Feels Like The First Time


11/25/2008: We saw Paige yesterday! She is an itty bitty little thing! She was full of smiles and easy going. She loved watching Eli and looked for him when he left her sight. Eli was very good with her; gentle, loving and wanting to help. He helped with her bottle; he liked entertaining her; he wanted to hold her; he wanted her to enjoy the Pooh Bear he gave her.

A couple days after meeting with Ruth, Charise returns my phone call. I had left her a message about our meeting with Ruth and asked if Paige’s foster parents wanted to adopt Paige.

“Nope, Paige’s foster mom, isn’t interested in adopting her.” Hearing this news, I jump up and down like I found my very own pony under the Christmas tree. One more requirement to check off our list! I pull the phone back to my ear when I realize Charise is still talking. “Her name is Theodora. She’s expecting your phone call.” I write down the number Charise gives me and repeat it back.

I hang up the phone and take a few breaths to calm my shuddering nerves. It doesn’t work. It may even make things worse as my anticipation is growing with each passing moment.

Punching in Theodora’s telephone number, I have to start over twice because I’m shaking so badly. Finally, my fingers cooperate and the call goes through.


“This is Theodora,” she says kindly, despite the possibility I may be a telemarketer. I introduce myself. “Oh, hello Lynn! Charise said you were going to call. How are you?” Theodora’s voice is a warm, enormous hug.

“I’m doing well, thank you,” I lie. I hate small talk and today I refuse to play society’s game when I have a Slinky coiled inside my belly. “My family and I would like to set up a visit with Paige.”

“I’m available Wednesday,” Theodora says.


“Okay,” I concede.

“We can meet at the County Adoptions building.” Theodora gives me the address and we arrange a meeting time.




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