Chapter 15

Chapter 15 – A Cheesy 80s Sitcom (final)

Please provide feedback for this chapter. I’m not sure it’s necessary to the story and the writing feels awkward to me. Feedback on any post is always welcome!

Charise and the girls’ court-appointed lawyer sit at the prosecution table inside the courtroom. This trial is to determine whether David should receive visits with Payton during his incarceration; Ruth signing the paperwork is a side note.

“Regardless of the bond with her father, I don’t believe it’s in her best interest to visit her father in prison. She would spend six hours in the car for, at best, a one-hour visit.”


David’s lawyer has long, curly blonde hair that brushes her shoulders as she shakes her head, disagreeing. Her pear-shaped body is dressed in a black skirt suit. With thin lips and a large nose, her face lacks just enough attractiveness to label her beautiful. “There are new laws that went into effect this year to protect parental rights,” she argues. “These laws require that the County offer visits if the child is bonded to the imprisoned parent.

“Your Honor, my client has a bond with the child. I would like to call the maternal grandmother and the child’s current caregiver, to testify.”

Carole sits down in the witness stand.

“As Payton’s current caregiver, do you believe she has a bond with her father?” David’s lawyer remains seated; I expected her to strut around the courtroom as they do on television.

“Oh yes,” Carole’s voice shakes slightly. “He drew a picture of her. It’s hanging on the refrigerator and when I ask who drew it, she says, ‘Daddy.’

“David sends letters and calls. They have conversations and she calls him Daddy.”


Next, David struts to the front of the courtroom. He sits in the chair and leans back. I have no doubt he’d put up his feet if he could. “I love my daughter. I made some mistakes in the past, which I regret.” His lip curls slightly. Slick as an oil spill, I doubt what he says is true. “I worked at a grocery store as a bagger and got laid off. We needed money and I got involved in forgery.”

After the evidence is presented, the judge says he’ll look over the laws and render his verdict next week. He also moves Paige’s case from Family Reunification to Adoptions.

Leaving the building, Andrew says, “That was like an episode of Night Court!” I snort, only giving him half my attention.

The bizarre circumstances seating us on the defense side of the courtroom is counterintuitive to our plans to adopt Paige. I feel blessed to be on the same side as Paige’s biological family.

How strange yet fortunate that Carole smiled broadly when Ruth and David refused services for Paige. But will she change her mind if Ruth and David get their act together?

My breath catches in my throat thinking of the possibility.


4 thoughts on “Chapter 15 – A Cheesy 80s Sitcom (final)

  1. Sorry, Lynn, I am just catching up now. I have been curious about David and his role in all of this, and how you ended up adopting Paige’s older sister…which I assume that story will be told later on. So, since this is kind of our introduction to how Payton ended up with you, I think it’s important for the story. I am a little confused about a couple things though. The last paragraph says that Ruth and David refused services for Paige…that means they both didn’t want to see her? They only wanted to see Payton? Or did you mean that they “were” refused services in that the decision of the judge was to refuse services for both girls. I got a little confused about it, actually.
    I think the dialogue is fine, and I like the description of David because I can really imagine his appearance and action…and as a typical character on Night Court.

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    1. I will take a closer look at how I phrased the last paragraph and make try to explain it better. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your input! And no apologies necessary.


  2. I might be Johnny come lately, but I just started reading what you wrote and find it a compelling story. Perhaps you have already figured it out, since this section is still posted here, but I think this chapter about court and actually introducing David is important. I’m a single foster parent and having adopted by teenage foster son this past December (2015), I’ve lived through various court sessions. Still, it is so different case-to-case and in different states. Anyway, just thought I’d drop in and give you my two cents. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for popping in! I am so glad you found my story and I hope it helps. Of course, things have changed and I’m putting the story on hold but I will still be posting adoption-related things at least twice a month. I have another blog called Written Reflections, which has a hodge podge of posts about foster adoption and misc. writing topics. The page is


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