Chapter 24

Chapter 24 – Adopting Change & Chinese Food


February 2010 Court Report: … there existed substantial risk to the child, Payton, and the child was again placed in protective custody. According to the productive custody report, the parents continued to abuse prescription medication and had not completed Court-ordered services…


I am tapping away on the computer early Monday morning when the phone rings. The sun has reached its peak in the sky and warms my back. It’s just after eight o’clock and I cannot imagine who could be on the other end. I look at the caller ID but it’s blank. The only callers with blocked IDs are Carole and the County social workers.

It is Charise. “I’m on my way into court for Payton’s six-month review. We’re recommending removing her from Ruth and David’s custody.”

I suck in my breath – nothing for almost a month, and now this?!

Charise continues. “I’ll call you after the hearing and let you know what happened. In the meantime, make arrangements for her arrival.”

My insides are a pot of boiling water. The commercial ditty, Alka Seltzer to the resss-cue! floats through my head. I wish Alka Seltzer would rescue my emotional irritation. Charise’s last words echo in my ears as I dial Andrew’s number. He’s at Paige’s physical therapy appointment and often has his phone turned off.

Today it isn’t. “I’ll ask my mom to take Paige and pick up Eli from school,” he says to the backdrop of a noisy school hallway.

“I’m going to get the day off work.*” I doubt I’d get any work done with my mind racing around drunkenly.

We’re going to need a bed, we don’t have a dresser – where the hell are we going to put her?!

Our house is only 1200 square feet with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. My stomach sinking, I realize there’s only one place to put her; in Paige’s room.  With Paige being adverse to change, I wonder what she’ll think of her new roommate. Standing in the doorway, I mentally rearrange the bedroom. I wish Andrew were home already to assist with preparations and help lesson the restless energy surging through my veins.

When he walks in the living room, I verbally tackle him. “We need to get Paige’s room in order. We need a bed and a dresser and,” I shrug, clueless about whatever else we may need.

“We’ll make it work” Andrew reassures me, walking by to put his shoes in the bedroom.

“But what about the other stuff?” I ask, pounding down the hall after him, scared he’ll climb out the window and escape this unforeseen event… without me.

“I don’t think Charise will be concerned,” Andrew says, tossing his shoes into the closet. “Whatever we have is better than where she’s coming from.”




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