Chapter 24

Chapter 24 – Adopting Change and Chinese Food (final)

To avoid waking up Paige, we set up a sleeping bag Payton in Eli’s bedroom. Tomorrow we’ll pick up a toddler bed and she will start sleeping in Paige’s room. Their room. As if sleeping in a virtual stranger’s house is a regular occurrence, Payton climbs into the sleeping bag and lies down immediately after I tell her. Eli is excited about the impromptu sleepover and is bouncing on his bed.

I push Eli down gently and tell him to calm down, pulling his navy blue dump truck comforter up. Handing him Bunny, I plant a kiss on his cheek. “I love you,” I tell him, keenly aware of Payton on the floor next to his bed. Is she upset that Ruth and David aren’t here to give her kisses and tuck her in?


I turn to Payton and kneel on the floor, flipping the sleeping bag over her small body. “Nighty night, Payton.” I hesitate; should I give her a hug? She doesn’t reach for me so I stand up.

Big Dog, the stuffed companion she has had since she was an infant, is tucked in beside her. He is a stuffed brown dog with flattened fur (she uses him as a pillow). His tag is worn to just a few threads because she rubs it between her fingers to relax and put herself to sleep. Sadly, I realize Big Dog is probably the only consistent, reliable thing in her turbulent young life.


2 thoughts on “Chapter 24 – Adopting Change and Chinese Food (final)

  1. Hi Lynn,
    I am really enjoying your story! In the first sentence you set up a sleeping bag *for* Payton…
    I can relate your your situation very well on many levels. I too am in the process of adopting through Fostercare. We brought our baby girl home from the hospital 21 months ago as a newborn. She had pre-natal drug exposure. We went through a roller coaster ride with the biological parents and their dysfunctional lives. We have also gotten to know the maternal biological grandparents and a half sibling in the process and are trying to forge a relationship with them. I understand being so drawn to the biological family (especially mother) and yet needing to be distant at the moment due to the extreme unhealthiness of their lifestyles. It is a crazy system and sometimes I can’t believe the turn my life has taken and the people/drama associated with it! We are thrilled to have an adoption date in May and to call this adorable, precious baby our own. I am anxious to hear more of your story and how you forge a relationship with the biological Grandmother and the biological parents.

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    1. Thank you for commenting. I am glad you’re enjoying the story. You may enjoy my other blog, Written Reflections, which I post on each Thursday. It talks about various things, most often the day-to-day in foster-adoption parenting. You may especially enjoy a post titled “The Prodigal Birthmother Returns.” Thanks again for stopping by! 🙂


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