Chapter 25

Chapter 25 – Transitioning to A Party of Five (part 2)

My prior post, Intermission Part 2, explains the struggles I’ve had in writing this chapter. I would appreciate feedback about the parts you liked, didn’t like, what worked and what didn’t. Thank you for reading my story.


“What would you like for breakfast?” I ask Payton.

“Waffles!” she exclaims, her morning tears just appeased by “water and juice in a cup.” Crap, we don’t have those. Is there going to be another meltdown?


“We don’t have waffles. I can fix you cereal or oatmeal…” Her lower lip quivers and her eyes fill with tears. “I’m so sorry that we don’t have them. You can have anything else…”

Payton points to Eli’s oatmeal and Eli is flattered. “It’s really yummy,” he reassures her.

Payton gobbles up the oatmeal and leaves the table. “Payton, I need to change your diaper!” She doesn’t acknowledge me but I know she heard my booming Italian voice.

different and better

That day Andrew takes Payton to the store and buys an enormous package of frozen waffles. He also lets her pick out a cereal. The following morning, we offer Payten the frozen waffles. I’m proud of us for being flexible and purchasing something we don’t normally keep in the house.


She doesn’t want the waffles, she wants Honey Nut Cheerios, the cereal she picked out the day before. Andrew, Eli and I end up eating all the waffles and Honey Nut Cheerios become her favorite breakfast food.


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