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Adoption Meanings

Today is the last day of school for my kiddos.

kids 1st day school
First day of school, August 2015
  • Eli leaves the neighborhood school he has attended for seven years, since kindergarten, and moves onto middle school (seventh grade).
  • Payton will go into fourth grade, hopefully getting the teacher we requested, who knows her background.
  • Paige will move onto second grade with less anxiety, in part due to having had a wonderful first grade teacher.

You’re probably expecting a blog post about my kids, all their milestones, my hopes and dreams, etc.

But that’s not what I’m writing about today.

I want to introduce Bonnie, the dog we adopted from the shelter.


I named her Bonnie for two reasons:

  1. The shelter named her Tawnie, which I didn’t like, so renamed her Bonnie, which rhymes.
  2. It is also to honor my beloved cat Clyde, whom I lost three years ago.

I’ve used the new addition to our family to talk about adoption.

“We’re giving Bonnie a home because she needs someone to take care of her. She will be part of the family and live with us forever.” (barring the cats acting out…)

Although I didn’t state directly how Bonnie’s situation correlates with theirs, I hope the message got through on some level.

Adopt has numerous meanings but these three are especially fitting for the situation surrounding Payton and Paige, and Bonnie:

  1. To choose or take as one’s own; make one’s own by selection or assent.
  2. To take and rear (the child of other parents) as one’s own child, specifically by a formal legal act.
  3. To take or receive into any kind of new relationship.

Number one reminds me that adopting Payton and Paige was not an accident or unplanned event, it was a choice. We chose to help them, help their biological family, and expand our family through adoption.

Number three points out that not only did I enter a new relationship by becoming the mother of two little girls, they went into a new relationship with a different mother.


Even though the second definition is technically how all three of them became part of our family, I find myself preferring the first and third definitions more.

Because adoption is more than a formal legal act, it is a choice to enter a new relationship.

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2 thoughts on “Adoption Meanings

  1. What a neat way to show your adopted children they were chosen by you. As an adoptive mom I am always looking for ways to help my children understand that we WANTED them, they make our family COMPLETE!

    Liked by 1 person

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