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What’s In a Name?

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There’s been a lot of publicity about adoptees having access to their original birth certificate. 

This isn’t even a question my husband and I have considered because it was never a question. Of course they and will, and should, have access to their original birth certificate. 

honor bio fam

Their original birth certificate is a part of their history, no matter how brief. To prohibit access to that is to invalidate that part of their lives and who they are.

I want my girls to .know as much about their family of origin as they wish to know.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying this will be easy for me. 

In fact, both girls have been expressing a desire lately to meet Ruth, their biological mother. Even though their memories of her are imagined, there is still a drop of insecurity in their words.

They know they were adopted because Ruth wasn’t ready to be a mother; however, they don’t know the reasons Ruth couldn’t be their mother.

But I digress…


Their names are a lovely combination of the biological origins (their first names) and adopted origins (their last names). 

So when they inquire about their names, as I think most kids do, I can share that their names have both a biological history and an adoptive history.

And when it’s time to show them their birth certificates,they will know the biological origins behind their names.

It will show them the beautiful knitting together of two families in both name and life.


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