Doing My Very Best

We live a couple of blocks away from my daughters’ elementary school. Each morning the principal does the morning announcements, which includes a message of the day.

This morning the principal talked about doing your very best. He pointed out your very best may be different than others’ very best.

do your best.jpg

I’ll take that one step farther:  Your very best may be different that others’ very best, and your very best may be different from day to day.

I can’t take credit for this statement; a wise friend of mine shared it years ago.

Anyway, the message of the announcement was to do your very best and avoid comparing yourself to others

As I was walking home, I thought about how I compare my very best, especially as a mother, to other people’s very best.

And I always, always feel as though I come up short compared to others:

  • I yell too much (though, in my defense, I’m Italian).
  • I don’t serve organic vegetables or preservative-free foods.
  • I let my kids watch too much TV and play too many video games.
  • I don’t play with my kids often enough.
  • I don’t volunteer at their school enough.

And the list goes on…

Then I try to remind myself:

  • I give hugs and kisses twice as much as I yell.
  • I limit junk foods and sugar intake.
  • On most days, I allow less than two hours of electronics.
  • I usually play a card game or color with with them each day.
  • I spend an hour in Paige’s classroom each week and at the school as needed.

Any time we compare ourselves to others, we come up short.

It’s called “keeping up with the Jonseses.”

And the only person I want to compare myself to is myself.


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