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Adoption Blogs and Support

It’s 2017 and another year of Erin Bohn’s Adoption Talk link-up – yay!

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If you are connected to the adoption triad in any way, you WILL benefit from this amazing support system. 


January’s topic is INTRODUCE YOURSELF


My husband and I had a biological son when we decided to adopt through foster care. It was something we both wanted to do because they are so many children who need homes.

Currently, there are over 100,000 children in the system free for adoption; on average, 20,000 children age out of foster care each year.

That is why I have become a foster-adopt advocate.

Please visit Adopt Us Kids  and learn about the myths surrounding foster care adoption.

Onto my story…

I adopted Paige* through foster care after I helped Ruth, her biological mother, during labor. This was entirely unplanned. Two years after Paige moved in with us, we adopted her older sister, Payton.

wine joke

It has been a crazy journey. There are days I wonder what the hell I was thinking taking on this challenge.

Paige has Sensory Processing Disorder and anxiety. My other blog, Written Reflections talks about this in a post titled, I Wish my Daughter had AutismPayton has Reactive Attachment Disorder. NEVER Say These Things… is a post on Written Reflections about raising a child with RAD.

And then there’s the heartache of loving an addict – of seeing a beautiful, intelligent, kind woman throw her life away for her next fix.

But then there are the good days…


We went to Six Flags and Paige rode the Scrambler with her brother… without anxiety or fear. That really made my heart smile.

different and better

There are days Payton initiates giving me a hug, and it isn’t just for showshe actually squeezes me and buries her face in my stomach. That makes all the struggles worth it.

And then there’s Ruth, who has been sober for three years… and she is proving it to me by being reliable and responsible. My joy for her recovery is inexplicable. 

The biggest lesson I have learned on my journey as an adoptive mother is every adoption story is bittersweet, and mine is no exception.

If you would like to learn more about me, check out Pleased to Meet You on Written Reflections.

* Names have been changed to protect privacy.



3 thoughts on “Adoption Blogs and Support

  1. I love the way you show, Lynn, that when you add a child to your home and heart, you often add so much more, as well. I’m very happy to hear that Ruth is continuing on a healthy path, and that Paige and Payton are feeling loved and settled. May 2017 continue on this trajectory!


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