Memoir Synopsis

When Lynn became the birth coach for a drug addict, little did she know it would result in two daughters…


Ruth is a pregnant addict with a husband in prison and a daughter, Payton, in Child Protective Services (CPS). Ruth is a complete stranger; however, Lynn agrees to be her birth coach because she and her husband plan to adopt through foster care.

When Lynn witnesses Paige’s birth, she falls in love. Later, she learns Paige is in CPS custody and Ruth is placing her for adoption. The adoption plans change and with Ruth’s permission, she and her husband take Paige.

Ruth reunifies with Payton but CPS intervenes again six months later. Lynn and her husband take Payton as a foster child. When CPS terminates parental rights, they adopt her to keep the sisters together.

But the honeymoon is soon over. Paige has severe gross motor delays and failure to thrive. She suffers extreme mood swings and cannot soothe herself. Payton lies and is manipulative. She has constant temper tantrums when she isn’t in control.

When Lynn learns the reasons for her daughters’ behaviors, she questions the choice she made and her ability to be the mother they need.

This memoir is an unflinching portrait of the demands of foster care adoption and how, in the end, these difficulties make us better parents, and better people.

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