Chapter 33

Chapter 33 – Matthew 25:35-40

RECAP: Ruth and David didn’t show up for the previous visit. Although concerned, thinking about it wasn’t a priority because Paige’s adoption was a couple weeks later. This chapter addresses Ruth and David’s absence. CHAPTER 33 MATTHEW 25:35-40 May 2010: I’m mixed up inside right now; a lot of emotional turmoil. Glad they’re OK, pissed that they’re so messed up… Continue reading Chapter 33 – Matthew 25:35-40

Adoption Talk · Written Reflections

Adoption in the Media – You’re Not Alone

Today I am participating in Erin Bohn’s Adoption Talk linkup. The topic is Adoption in the Media. One of the most frustrating things for me has been and continues to be the lack of support for foster-adopt parents through personal stories. It is one of the reasons I wrote mine and am working hard to get it published. Adoption… Continue reading Adoption in the Media – You’re Not Alone